Cashmere is one of the finest natural fibres in the world. As it is a delicate fibre, it does need a little extra care. Help your cashmere keep its luxurious quality for many years to come by following these guidelines.




Cashmere can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. We recommend hand washing following these simple guidelines. Don't wash cashmere knitwear in a machine as it can shrink and become matted.


Hand wash the garment inside out in lukewarm water using a mild detergent for delicate fabrics. Gently squeeze suds through fabric taking care not to rub the garment too much as this may cause shrinkage and increase pilling.


Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water, squeezing gently without twisting or wringing. A short, light spin in a washing machine will remove most of the water.


Smooth the garment back into shape whilst damp. Place flat on a towel and dry naturally away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight. Do not tumble dry or hang on a washing line to dry as the shape will distort. When dry press lightly with a cool iron.


Store your knitwear folded in a cool, dry place and never on a hanger.




After wearing your new cashmere garment for the first few times you may find small balls of fibre forming on the surface. These small balls or "pills" are caused by some of the loose fibre tangling together as areas of your garment are rubbed during wear.


Pilling is common with cashmere; however this is not a sign of inferior quality - it’s simply a natural characteristic of the long fibres naturally shedding and tangling over time.


The best way to remove the pills is to use a cashmere comb. Regular use of a cashmere comb will prolong the life of your cashmere and keep it looking it’s best.


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